These Funny Memes on World Sleep Day 2019 Will Make You ROFL

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These Funny Memes on World Sleep Day 2019 Will Make You ROFL

Do you know today’s prominence? We celebrate World Sleep Day on 15th March every year. The fundamental theme of World Sleep Day 2019 is acquired healthy sleep and healthy aging. It is actually a global call spread among the people in order to describe the significance of healthy sleep. The objective of World Sleep Day is to bring awareness among the folks regarding the sleeping issue and the prominence of healthy sleep.  

This day is considered as an awareness event that makes everyone understand the importance of enough sleep and the influence of sleep on our health. If people don’t have enough sleep, it leads to some chronic medical conditions that include heart diseases, high blood pressure, Diabetes, and weight gain. In the current contemporary meme world, getting at least an 8-hour sleep every night is truly priceless. We often come across numerous memes, funny GIFs, and jokes on sleep that people adore their bed than anything else in life.

The World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society looks forward to describing the importance of the issues that are pretty related to sleep. Sleep is truly essential for all the people to relish life. On this auspicious day, people often upload numerous posts on social media regarding the importance of sleep in every individual’s life. In the current era, shift jobs have been extremely popular. People often try to earn more money and neglect their health especially night sleep. This day will tell people to maintain a balanced sleep each day irrespective of the work.

Here are some of the funny tweets, memes and interesting content on the World’s Sleep Day 2019!

  1. 1949:: Constituent Assembly Member Asks Rajendra Prasad’s Permission to Sleep During The Debate    #WorldSleepDay
  1. #WorldSleepDay | People sleeping in most unusual places
  2. Happiness is getting some extra sleep when your flight gets delayed. Happy #WorldSleepDay everyone!
  1. Today is #WorldSleepDay. Winding down is a critical stage in preparing for bed. For more tips to help you wind down before bed, see our page:
  1. As I help two of my kids prepare for exams, here’s an important message for all us parents. Let’s ensure our children never compromise on their sleep under the pressure to perform. Lets make sure they #sleeptoperform #duroflexforsleep #worldsleepday #duroflex #exams  @Duroflex_IN
  1. I once slept off in the exam hall drooling, coz I was up to the entire night mugging up diagrams & “sure shot” long ans. The invigilator poked me with a pencil. Pls get those sleeping hours
  2. Happy World sleep day

Did YOU know?

  1. Sleep helps reduce stress
  2. Sleep can lower your blood pressure
  3. Sleep puts you in a better mood
  4. Sleep helps keep you healthy.

Tag your friends with the number of their sleeping position.

  1. How will you convince Babuji to let Jethalal sleep today? After all, it’s #TMKOC #WorldSleepDay. .
  2. 9. The CEO of @netflix is very clear … he is competing with your sleep for a time.

He needs you to sacrifice sleep so his company can make money (a LOT of money!)

Problem is that leaves you sleep-deprived!

Published by Sujatha Reddy on 15 Mar 2019

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