The Swedish train is offering a Job Only for Clock In and Clock Out with a Salary of 1.6 lakh a month

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The Swedish train is offering a Job Only for Clock In and Clock Out with a Salary of 1.6 lakh a month

Swedish train will give you a huge opportunity or I would say a bumper chance to move ahead in life with good earning. Yes, no mistake, you have heard it right, with the new project and requirement, Korsv√§gen train station in Gothenburg is looking forward to the hiring of more people. This Swedish train will pay you for just doing a simple task of a clock in and clock out. And in between, you are free to do anything, it’s all up to you.

The all-new Korsv√§gen train station in Gothenburg is launching ‘Eternal Employment’ project and it will offer $2,280 (Rs 1.6 lakh) per month. Along with the job, pay, pension and holidays offered to the employee match those of an average public sector employee in Sweden.

The description of the job includes a full-time job that will last for the employee’s remaining lifespan or until he or she wishes to quit. If the person wishes to resign or retire, then a new ‘forever’ employee will be recruited.

Candidates succeeding on the rounds will be required to clock in at the station in the morning and clock out at the end of the day. Meanwhile, they are asked for the position that does not have any set of responsibilities or duties.
The employee need not necessarily stay in the station, as long as they return at the end of the day to clock out.

Along with all the facilities, they will be offered a changing room and a clock which is going to be used to check in and out of work. The designed clock will be connected to fluorescent lights above the platform. These “working lights,” will give the information about employees presence or absence at the work.

Two men, Simon Goldin, and Jakob Senneby who decided to get designed with this experiment and named it ‘Eternal Employment.’ For executing their idea they also have managed a fund of $ 650,000 (Rs. 4.5 crores) from the Public Art Agency in Sweden. It is estimated that the railway station, going under construction at present, will be completed after 5-6 years and get fully done in the year 2026. And the Job applications will be accepted in the year 2025.

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Published by Shifa Naz on 11 Mar 2019

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