From US To UK, New’s Year Eve Celebration Around The World Is Simply Mermerising

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From US To UK, New’s Year Eve Celebration Around The World Is Simply Mermerising

People around the world celebrated the New Year’s Eve as the Gregorian calendar’s 2018 come to the end of 31st December. Countries around the world dispatch the fireworks to celebrate the new year with a bang while people in Spain celebrated 2019’s coming with a tradition where they eat 12 grapes as the clock bells 12 of midnight for good luck. In Brazil, the citizens there carried out the ritual of run into the ocean’s waves.

Everyone celebrated the New Year 2019 in their own ways be it going to pubs, party with friends at home or cafe, or alone at home watching Netflix and eating pizza. While some other may have scrolled 2018 in their news feeds on the various social media platforms.

Entering the new year, some people may have new resolutions or may fulfill the old ones or this is just another day/year for many of us.

Also, Twitter people kept themselves busy by creating memes and jokes and they are totally worth watching. The jokes on 2019 are all about the temporary excitement of people, watching the award shows with families instead of holidaying and partying.

Let’s take a look at the videos how the world greeted the new year’s homecoming:








UK- United Kingdom


Hong Kong


Hope you find these celebrations beyond words and how people warmly welcome the New Year with such Zest!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 02 Jan 2019

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