8 YO Indian origin boy ranked 1st with 152 IQ in Britain Mensa IQ Test Is The New Age Einstein

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8 YO Indian origin boy ranked 1st with 152 IQ in Britain Mensa IQ Test Is The New Age Einstein

Schooling can make us learn, play, enjoy and inculcate us to know our interests in life, but this 8-year-old Indian Origin boy is not a common student. At such a tender age, when a normal student wakes up early morning, goes to school, comes back and then have a leisure time either indoor or outdoor playing, Arav is no way similar to those students. With an IQ of 152, the 8 YO boy is one of the smartest people in Britain.


Arav is an Indian origin lad, he and his family moved to the UK in 2009. Apart from digits and numbers, he loves playing chess and ride his bike. The boy wants to be a chess grandmaster and he is now the part of U9 Leicestershire country chess team.

The boy with 152 IQ told to the media in his British accent, “I like Math because there’s only one right answer. I was shocked when I got the result and then I was really happy. I was pretty nervous when I sat for the Mensa, but I didn’t find that one difficult.”

Arav’s mother has been noticing him learning digits and at the age of 1.5 years. He could count to 20 was just beyond expectation. The proud mother said, “He used to play this game where he had to identify the exact position of a fraction on a line and he would do it immediately. His mind seems to work like a computer, and I really don’t know how he can do that.”


The proud mother does not want his son to be a geek but wants him to encourage in all his situations, she added,” He (Arav) keeps us on our toes. We don’t want him to become a geek. We’ll always encourage him, but never push him.”

We see a glare of Einstein in him, what’s your opinion.

Published by Shifa Naz on 02 Jan 2019

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