Amazon will start selling real, large Christmas trees

Sorry Santa Claus, Jeff Bezos is your Father Christmas now. Amazon, in its ongoing quest to utterly dominate the holiday season, has announced plans to start shipping real, live Christmas trees, come November.

That news comes courtesy of The Associated Press, which notes that the seven-foot-tall Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines will be sent via Amazon box, sans water. Shipping should occur within 10 days of being cut down, so as to keep them green. The firs will run around $115 a pop, along with $50 for a wreath.

This isn’t the first time the online giant has dabbled in trees. Amazon dipped its toes in the water by offering up Charlie Brown-style trees measuring less than three-feet last year. Third-party sellers also used the platform to sell their own larger trees.

The whole prospect likely isn’t very appealing for those who’ve made tree shopping a part of their holiday ritual. Nor are owners of pop-up Christmas tree lots likely super psyched about Amazon’s dabbling. But the offering is about what the company has always been about above all else: convenience.

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