A Patience Test Between A Dog And A Child Will Amaze You

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A Patience Test Between A Dog And A Child Will Amaze You

The social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube are filled with animal videos specially of cats and dogs. These video can lighten the tired mood whoever watch these videos and can take us to the laughter ride. The owners of these pets capture and post the videos of them playing, eating, competing and many more things.

Any one who has a dog or cat as their pet makes various type of videos. Also, only an owner can know that how impatient a pet or a child can be when it comes to grabbing the food. What will happen if a faced off is held between a child or a dog? If you don’t know, then this video will give you the scenario of the same.

The YouTube channel Haru the Shiba Inu posted a hilarious video showing the same. A patience test was held between the dog named Haru and a child named Abram. Various food items were placed in front of them to see who grabbed the food items in first and tried to eat them.

This result will amaze you as the result was almost identical each time. It got broke every time when one of them got their favourite snack.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 01 Apr 2019

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