Read Out The Most Exciting Facts About The Festival Holi

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Read Out The Most Exciting Facts About The Festival Holi

Holi is the festival of colors, love, togetherness and equality. It si celebrates to share our delight and pleasure with everyone around. Here are some most exciting facts regarding Festival of Holi that will assist you know gather added infor about the festival of colors.

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  • Commemoration of Good Over Evil

Accompanying this, Holi is celebrated as the success of good over wickedness.

  • Another Tale Behind The Origin of Holi

When Lord Krishna got poisoned by Putana that turned his skin blue, Lord Krishna mistrusted if fair colored Radha would like him. But, Radha accepted him regardless of his skin shade.

  • Praying Around A Bonfire

A night before Holi, people gathered around a bonfire and do sacred rituals and praying to God to annihilate their wickedness. It is known as Holika Dahan.

  • Bhang Juice

While commemorating Holi, people enjoy drink made out of bhang as it is recognized to fortify the will of the crowd by annihilating all kinds of limit and antagonism. The fascinating thing regarding bhang is that it is a non poisonous cannabis juice used during Holi.

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  • Festival of equal opportunity

The festival teaches us the value of equality. People enjoy with colors and water in spite of disparities in caste, civilization, and faith.  Holi is an effort to break up boundaries.

  • Holi In the City of Kathmandu

In Kathmandu, Nepal, one week prior to the festival of Holi, a Chir (Bamboo Pole) sheltered with multicolored clothes is placed in Hanuman Dhoka (Temple of Lord Hanuman). On Holi eve, it is brought down and burnt to represent the demise of the wicked Holika.

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  • Celebration Last For Up To 7 or 16 Days

In Kathmandu, the majority of children could be witnesed with gulaal and pichkaris, since a week prior to Holi, just a few years back.

In the region of India where Krishna was born, the Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated for at least 16 days.

  • The End of Cold Winter

Holi is commemorated after the full phase of the moon during the month of ‘Phalgun’. The Festival marks the end of cold season.

  • The Evolving Merriment of Holi

Holi is an amazing time cherished by one and all. As a result, it has spread ahead of Nepal and India to a number of communities all over the globe. At the moment, we can spot people enjoying Holi even in the lanes of Barcelona, Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, the UK and USA.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 19 Mar 2019

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