Wishes come true by blowing your eyelashes to Shaktimaan helping people, these old wives’ tale from 90s’ will leave you awe-struck

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Wishes come true by blowing your eyelashes to Shaktimaan helping people, these old wivesโ€™ tale from 90sโ€™ will leave you awe-struck

Sometimes we live in the world of fallacy and as we grow up the misconceptions automatically vanishes from our mentality. The figment of the imagination created in our childhood remains for a long time and some people after growing up, too, live in the same world of beliefs.

Today I made a list of the best kids rumors that we had in our mind during the ’90s which will make us giggle and laugh reminiscing our childhood.

1. Omni Vans

It was considered that these vans are only used for abducting purpose and has no other use than this…

2. Eraser 

The colorful erasers gives fragrance and especially the blue part is used for erasing the Ink.

3. Eyelashes

One of the most common sagas was broken eyelashes, if we find our eyelashes broken then instantly we used to blow it with a wish and trust me it’s even believed by the elder generation too…

4. Peacock Feather

There are many stories related to the peacock feather and among all the most common one is, ” If we keep feather inside our notebook, it will increment up.” Even now people do keep the peacock feathers inside books and notebooks.

5. Shaktimaan

The biggest superhero of Indian Television Shaktimaan will surely come and save us from devils… though it never happened apart from Television, still, the days of watching Shaktimaan is unparallel.

6. Fruit Seeds

Eat fruits but keep away the seeds as it will produce a plant inside your stomach. I guess every child has experienced listening to this from their parents or grandparents and in reality, we never found such a plant or tree, isn’t it…?

7. Nail-cutter

It’s considered unfortunate to cut your nails during the night time, I still don’t understand why…!!

Do share your child rumor with us in the comment section below, till then stay tuned.

Published by Shifa Naz on 08 Feb 2019

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