The gigantic Titanic’s replica is 29.5 feet, taking us back into the flashback of 90’s

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The gigantic Titanic’s replica is 29.5 feet, taking us back into the flashback of 90’s

Titanic, the movie that lived in millions of hearts and is still fresh and evergreen. The very popular 90’s kid’s first Hollywood film was Titanic and is still the most romantic movie ever in the movie world. Although we have heard many scoops on the false trailer of the sequel Titanic 2 that made a lot of craze among the netizens and fans started waiting for the next part with a great level of anticipation. The Titanic II is set to take its maiden voyage in 2022 and this idea was given back in 2012 by Australian politician.

Well, clearing the buzz on the forgery of its sequel, actually the replica of the Titanic has been built for and is going to be part of the theme park that will be situated at the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort on the Qi River and measures 9 meters (29.5 ft) long.

The under-construction ship in Sichuan, South West China is funded by Seven Star Energy Investment and the ship costs around Rs 11,56,32,88,000. The size is really gigantic and we are taken back to the time of the ’90s with this replica structure.

The developer of the project, Su Shaojun said: “People have never forgotten how at that time people sacrificed their lives to carry out their responsibilities, with men protecting the women and children and couples side by side in life.”

“That is the Titanic spirit of responsibility and universal love. Titanic shall be rebuilt and let it become the place to pass on and experience the great spirit of Titanic. Romandisea will, therefore, become a world-class tourist destination with a noble soul and spiritual pursuit,” the developer added to his statement.

He further said, “In addition to the Titanic, we also have the world’s largest man-made beach which visitors can go inside regardless of day or night – 365 days a year, it remains at a constant temperature.”

Published by Shifa Naz on 20 Feb 2019

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