A Chinese Company Gives Year End Bonus To Employees With A Cash Mountain

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A Chinese Company Gives Year End Bonus To Employees With A Cash Mountain

China is one of those countries who suffer from intense mood swings which leads to utmost awful results. A few days back, we all came to know that a company there made their employees crawl through the cities for not completing the target of sales. And now, they are celebrating like it’s the last day. There is no consistency in their behavior, one day one can see the most amazing things and other days, you will see bizarre things happening in the country.

Recently, a piece of news made its way to the internet and we are thinking about how it could not happen with us.

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According to the Shanghaiist, a Chinese steel plant hit the jackpot this year. And with the Spring Festival coming near, they decided to give out year-end bonuses in the form of a cash mountain.

For your information, the steel plant is located in the Jiangxi capital of Nanchang. They set up a “cash mountain” like pyramid out of the pile after pile of banknotes, which in total amounted to 300 million yuan (Rs. 314 crores).

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Total 5000 employees are working in the company and each one of them got an average bonus of 60,000 yuan (around Rs. 6 lakh) which is double the amount bonus they received last year. An employee stated, “Such a big bonus, I don’t know how to spend it all!”

So, China isn’t where representatives get some insane rewards. Surat’s Savji Dholakia dependably compensates his kin with autos, pads and Mercedes Benz. Along these lines, get yourself an organization where you can be compensated in this design toward the year’s end.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 24 Jan 2019

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