Year 2019 Will Brings Us Some Long Weekends So Plan Your Holidays

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Year 2019 Will Brings Us Some Long Weekends So Plan Your Holidays

The rundown of long ends of the week in 2019 is your one-stop manual for arranging get-aways with no issues. Accomplish your upcoming work or task with upwards of 14 long ends of the week in India that 2019 brings to the table you.

We have rattled off as well as can be expected get from those 3-4 days of long ends of the week in 2019 if taken one or two leaves. You don’t have to trade off on siestas having contributed your valuable work leaves to meeting your family and companions. With the 2019 long end of the weekly rundown of India, we propose you a universe of movement from sunkissed shorelines to snow-topped mountains, and celebrations that you can’t miss. This is the way you can make 2019 the time of movement!

Let’s take a look at the long weekend calendar of 2019:


January 12, Saturday: Weekend

January 13, Sunday: Weekend

January 14, Monday: Makar Sankranti (Restricted Holiday)


February 2, Saturday: Weekend

February 3, Sunday: Weekend

February 4, Monday: Take a leave

February 5, Tuesday: Losar (Restricted Leave | Sikkim, Ladakh and Dharamshala only)


March 2, Saturday: Weekend

March 3, Sunday: Weekend

March 4, Monday: Mahashivratri (Gazetted Holiday)


April 19, Friday: Good Friday (Gazetted Holiday)

April 20, Saturday: Weekend

April 21, Sunday: Weekend


May 4, Saturday: Weekend

May 5, Sunday: Weekend

May 6, Monday: Take a leave

May 7, Tuesday: Parshuram Jayanti, Ravindranth Jayanti (Restricted Holiday)


June 01, Saturday: Weekend

June 02, Sunday: Weekend

June 03, Monday: Take Leave

June 04, Tuesday: Take Leave

June 05, Wednesday: Eid (Gazetted Holiday)


This month has no mercy on the people who just want holidays/leaves


August 10, Saturday: Weekend

August 11, Sunday: Weekend

August 12, Monday: Bakr Id (Gazetted Holiday)

August 15, Thursday: Independence Day (Gazetted Holiday)

August 16, Friday: Take a Leave

August 17, Saturday: Weekend

August 18, Sunday: Weekend

31 August, Saturday: Weekend


01 September, Sunday: Weekend

02 September, Monday: Ganesh Chaturthi (Restricted Holiday)


October 2, Wednesday: Gandhi Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)

October 3, Thursday: Take Leave

October 4, Friday: Take Leave

October 5, Saturday: Weekend

October 6, Sunday: Weekend

October 7, Monday: Ram Navami (Restricted Holiday)

October 8, Tuesday: Dussehra (Gazetted Holiday)


November 9, Saturday: Weekend

November 10, Sunday: Weekend

November 11, Monday: Take a Leave

November 12, Tuesday: Guru Nanak Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)


December 21, Saturday: Weekend

December 22, Sunday: Weekend

December 23, Monday: Take a Leave

December 24, Tuesday: Christmas Eve (Restricted Holiday)

December 25, Wednesday (Gazetted Holiday)

Stay Tuned!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 08 Dec 2018

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