Rishikesh has to be on your bucket list if you love nature and adventures

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Rishikesh has to be on your bucket list if you love nature and adventures

If you are an adventure lover and have never been to Rishikesh, then this is the next stop for you. Try visiting Rishikesh with your friends and have the best experience.

Here’s the list of must-try adventure activities at Rishikesh.

River Rafting

River rafting and Rishikesh go hand in hand. The ice cold water from river Ganga gives the best feeling and chills. A trip to Rishikesh is incomplete without river rafting in it. If you are a true adventure junkie, then river rafting becomes a must for you when in Rishikesh. Do not miss on this lifetime opportunity.

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Bungee Jumping

Fearing heights…then trying out this adventure sport is a must to let go off all your fear. All you gotta do is secure yourself, and jump from a height of 120 to 160 feet. It is a worth it experience and is not for a weak heart. We can already feel our hearts pounding.

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Flying Fox

Flying fox is similar to zip lining. Rishikesh has Aisa’s largest flying fox track and hence makes it a once in a lifetime experience for all the travelers. This is a great combination of flying on your will in the clouds and witnessing the beauty of Rishikesh. You can do this in pairs or solo. The activity is held over the river Ganga.

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This gives you the option to navigate your way through the water. You can choose the way according to your strength and experience. This sport requires you to have a lot of stamina and also physical preparation. So, if you are a first timer then you are usually asked to stay away from rapid waters. Rishikesh is a great spot for kayaking.

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Cliff Jumping

We do not really need to get into the details for this one. You have to jump off a cliff directly into the water. This activity is famous amongst tourist who visits Devbhoomi. Rishikesh is a home for cliffs because of its geographical built. Rishikesh is also a beautiful destination to surpass all your fears.

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Go Trekking

Visit Rishikesh to see the flora and fauna beauty, then you must go trekking. The best time to go trekking is in summers. You can make a way out of Himalayas or also trek to places like Gangotri, Badrinath or Kedarnath.

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Now, the next time you plan for a holiday, plan Rishikesh.

Published by Mamatha on 25 Oct 2018

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