Bigg Boss 12 contestant Jasleen Matharu had earlier confessed that she is single and ready to mingle

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Bigg Boss 12 contestant Jasleen Matharu had earlier confessed that she is single and ready to mingle

Anoop Jalota and Jasleen Matharu pretending as the mentor-protegee has entered the Big-Boss 12 season and are in a relationship but there is something fishy in their relationship as of now they are showing that they are deeply into love and affectionate but our past experiences are directing us to another line.


In the 12th season of Big Boss, it’s been said that there is a lot of dirt and maliciousness in the participants and hidden secrets too. Among them, one of the suspective and doubtful couples is of Anoop and Jasleen.

Talking with a news channel Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu said, “We were all shocked watching them as couple and Jasleen told us that we are going to Big Boss as a Guru Shishya Jodi.”

He added, “I will never accept their relationship and rather they should improve their character and image on Television.”

From the doubt point of view, Jasleen a year ago said that she is single and ready to mingle to a guy who is caring and loving. But in Big Boss 12 they confessed that its been 3 years to their relationship… doesn’t this sounds fishy?

Well, the suspense is still vague and unclear that how the guru shishya-jodi got turned into a couple, nevertheless Big Boss has always been so entertaining that even this year also we could expect things like this.


Coming from a singing background Anoop Jalota who is famous for his Devotional songs is 65-years-old got into a relationship with Jasleen Matharu who is 28-years-old entered to the walled glass of big boss. The couple has an age difference of 37 years which seems like a May-December couple. Their relationship has become the talk of the town in Big Boss 12 and everybody inside the house is doubting on their love. It has really become a major topic of discussion and everyone is saying that they are faking for just name and fame.


In the end, I would only say that its “Big-Boss Big -Boss”, where everything is possible for the sake of entertainment. With the start day, only the TRPs have gone high up and there is a lot more drama to watch with the upcoming days. So just stay tuned…

Published by Shifa Naz on 21 Sep 2018

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