Maharashtra administration to give sanitary pads at Rs 5 to females in rustic zones

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Maharashtra administration to give sanitary pads at Rs 5 to females in rustic zones

The state cabinet, on Tuesday, launched the new scheme called Asmita Yojana, which means dignity, and this big step is taken to increase the percentage of usage of sanitary pads to 75 per cent from the current 17 per cent in the rustic regions of Maharashtra.

It has also been witnessed that the a large number of girls are dropping out school as they feel ashamed due to lack of proper facilities during the monthly menstrual cycle. Though many steps are being taken but we are surely lacking in its goal.

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Lack of proper care, facility and disposal are what causes detrimental infections in young women and it is realized by a few only, many reports also prove that due to this, a lot of girls face problems in their reproduction system.

Under the new scheme, they will also give necessary information to the girls about how to keep and maintain health during these days.

Small-scale manufacturers are given the responsibility to supply the sanitary pads using a network of self-help groups run by women in the state.

It is a major step toward the ultimate mission. Maharashtra will now sell sanitary napkins priced at just Rs 5 to all the women residing in rural areas.

Minister for Rural Development, Women and Child Development, Pankaja Gopinath Munde made a special tweet to share this good news, “Now sanitary napkins will b available to girls n women thro’ Self Help groups. Also, women hygiene campaigns will b launched across the state to increase awareness among young girls. This will boost school attendance as well.”

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Not only the schoolgirls but 1.75 crore women in rural parts of the state will also be targeted by the scheme.

They only have to pay the actual price of the pads. The pads are much cheaper than available in the market.

Rural development minister Pankaja Munde stated that the scheme will be launched on World Women’s Day on March 8.

Published by Mamatha on 06 Feb 2018

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