The American singer Beyonce’s makeup artist reveals 6 ways to look Elegant

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The American singer Beyonce’s makeup artist reveals 6 ways to look Elegant

The American superstar singer Beyonce looks stunning on camera and we can’t stop drooling over her flawless face. The hydrated, glowing and natural healthy skin is something every girl desire for…

Earlier the tips were published on the newspaper about keeping your skin healthy but with the invention and development, now we are free to give pieces of advice and suggestions to anyone in this world via the mode of social media.

Recently the makeup artist of Beyonce, Mr. John revealed a list of tips that he would like to give us for a perfect base makeup and we just can’t resist ourselves following his tips on healthy skin. He has worked with several brands and over the time period of 20 years, he has done a surplus amount of work in the beauty industry to make the stars look perfect and beautiful.

Take a look at the tips given by the experienced make-up-artist…

1. Drinking Water and staying hydrated

The man gives his first trick which includes a moisturizer. We must apply it on the skin when it is wet and then start with the foundation.

2. Multiple Foundations

We must have two shades of the foundation according to the winter and summer season. As we all need to cover our faces as per the season and the same case is with concealer as well.

3. Avoid layering up your face with makeup

Don’t apply so much of makeup on the face as layering can be unhealthy for the skin. So be simple and go natural.

4. Use qualitative brushes

One should invest in good brushes, the good quality of brushes and products keeps skin uniform as compared to when we dab it with our fingers

5. Carefully highlight

Apply carefully the highlighter as it gives the natural glow instantly.

6. Set with powder

The final step is to apply powder at the end to make sure the makeup stays long and does not come off.

Published by Shifa Naz on 09 Feb 2019

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