These Weird Signs In You Proves That You Are Intelligent, Says Study

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These Weird Signs In You Proves That You Are Intelligent, Says Study

We all become eager to know when it comes to checking one’s level of Intelligence. Well, many scientists and their studies came forward, but we are left in a stage of a dilemma when it comes to picking over emotional and intelligence quotient that is EQ or IQ level of an individual.

Much conductive research happened to understand the factors or signs that can show whether a person is intelligent or not. Well, no beat around the bush, we reveal you those signs of a man which shows his level of intellectual abilities.

You will be amazingly surprised that your intelligence can be judged even by your eye color to your height to your weight and even length of your finger. All these things play a vital role. Let’s see how many of your quality and characteristic matches with these ones…

1. Prefer to spend time alone rather than a group of friends.


According to the research conducted by Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa called, “How intelligence, population density, and friendship affect modern happiness” shows that intelligent people enjoy spending time alone being with a group of people leaves them awkward.

2. A good reader is a good leader, reading at an early stage.


Reading is something that makes your area of thoughts and imagination much broader than earlier, a reader lives many lives so it’s a great sign among the intelligent people.

3. Being the elder one in the family.


Its proven that the elder sibling in the family posses higher IQ, around 3 points higher than the younger one.

4. Doesn’t suffer from Obesity.


The research conducted in the year 2006 showed a body mass index and cognitive function, a scientist from France analyzed and came to the conclusion that waist circumference is directly connected with high IQ levels.

5. Neither wants to workout.

As per the study, people who are intelligent are lower inclined towards active works and keeps their energy for doing other useful tasks.

6. Too sensitive to louder sounds.


The study conducted by Scientists from the University of Helsinki showed the ability of a person to find unusual solutions to many problems and loath and unaffection towards louder music and sounds, even get distracted by snoring, coughing and sneezing of others.

Do you find reading it exciting, share your habits that match with our list…

Published by Shifa Naz on 30 Nov 2018

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