Shashi Tharoor renamed these areas of Delhi seeing such impurity in the National Capital

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Shashi Tharoor renamed these areas of Delhi seeing such impurity in the National Capital

Delhi is among the most polluted cities of India, reaching to its saturation level, Whether it’s the Diwali’ smog or winter fog, inhalation of fresh air is something to say,” when pigs fly”… Yes, our National Capital is becoming worse when it comes to pollution.

The Congress leader Shashi Tharoor shared some renamed, names of the streets and post them in his social media account, the movable dictionary Shashi Tharoor gave quirky names relevant to the current situation of the city. Well to our knowledge among the top 15 most polluted countries in the world, 14 belongs to our nation, according to WHO reports.

Tharoor gave a polluted twist to the names and renamed them in very unusual way, From Hauz Khas to Dhaula Kuan, he gave this slightly smoky touch to 5 streets of Delhi.
Renaming Hauz Khas to Haze Khas, Lutyen’s Delhi to Pollutyen’s Delhi, Red Fort to Grey Fort, Dhaula Kuan to Dhua Kuan and Chandni Chowk to Chandni Choke.

However, these green road signals creative first appeared on Facebook this month, it had everyone talking online recently when it was shared by Kerala MP.

With the photo, the tweeple are so shattered that their nation as well as their city is reaching such extent of foulness and has turned into a ‘ gas chamber’. Take a look at what people have to say about his creativity and the actual problem they are facing due to pollution.

Take a look at this tweet by Raj Sinha who is the partner with – Healthcare Life Sciences, Management Consulting, Information Management, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Strategist wrote: “Please see this news and how’s it’s contributing to Delhi pollution and haze. What Will Persuade Rice Farmers In Punjab To Stop Setting Fires In Their Fields?”

Go Green folks, that might be a step towards the reduction of this devastating situation in India as well as World.

Published by Shifa Naz on 27 Nov 2018

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