From Google To Amazon, Companies That Are Providing Good Work Culture To Employees

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From Google To Amazon, Companies That Are Providing Good Work Culture To Employees

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” How many of you have heard this proverb? I think all those sincere students who focus on their class. But, if I ask how many have experienced this in an organization where you are working? The answer will be double because the company makes sure to take as much as work they can from their employees in 8-9 working hours.

The stress of work can never leave employees to live happy and peaceful life. But, there are some companies who are working exceptionally to give all the comfort to the employee. Like, once head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal has asked his workers to stop replying to emails and work calls between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. to help maintain a work-life balance for the Amazon employees in India.

Apart from Amazon, there are also some of the companies who work for their employees’ better lifestyle and provide a stress-free work environment. Here you can check:

1. RMSI: From child psychology, parenting, self-defense classes, health benefits, photography club, painting classes to acting workshops, movie-making workshops, Zumba lessons and sports tournaments. This Delhi-NCR consulting company has the best for their hard-working employees.

2. Google: Google is known for its facilities, they have the most comfortable ambiance so that employee can feel at home at the office. They also have the flexible work schedule, recreational activities, a fully equipped gym, sleep pods for a quick nap, and an excellent cafeteria.

3. Marriott Hotels: The Best part of working at Marriott is that they regard the people working there as ‘associates’ and not employees. They give staff discounts, health facilities and also provide a meal for six or a stay at the hotels on their birthdays.

4. Wipro: Wipro is one of the best companies in India which gives paid holidays, maternity benefits, counseling sessions and other incentives.

5. Godrej Consumer Products: One of the oldest company Godrej has perks like health benefits, flexible working hours and focus to groom high potential women talent.

6. Intel Technology: Free transportation, excellent appraisal, basketball, volleyball, and fitness centers, incentives schemes and many more. Intel Technology is a wonderful place to work for in India.

So guys, where are you applying next?

Published by Kajal Thakur on 21 Aug 2018

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