Virendra Shewag Shared A Funny Video Of Monkey Giving Tough Time To Tiger Cubs

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Virendra Shewag Shared A Funny Video Of Monkey Giving Tough Time To Tiger Cubs

We have often seen celebs sharing some funny videos or pictures on their Instagram account. However, it is very surprising to see that sometimes even we do come across such pics and videos on WhatsApp which are shared by our friends or relatives in various groups.

But there shouldn’t be anything surprising as celebs are also humans like us and they do some things which even we do.

Cricketer Virendra Sehwag was one of the popular cricketers of the Indian team. Sehwag enjoys a huge fan-following even after years of his retirement. However, he is quite active on the social media platforms. One of it is Instagram where he keeps sharing his latest pics and videos which are definitely a treat to his die-hard fans.

Sehwag currently enjoys a whopping 3.1 million followers on Instagram which shows he is quite famous and liked by the cricket buffs.

Virendra Sehwag’s Instagram account is filled with some amazing pics and videos and we bet you won’t stop stalking him after you take a glimpse of his account.

The ace cricketer shared a video yesterday where a monkey is teasing two tiger cubs. Well, as we all know monkeys are quite notorious and they keep jumping from one tree to another with even losing their balance.

On the other side, Tiger is one of those animals whose one roar can make all the other animals disappear in fear in order to save their lives.

But in the video shared by Sehwag, the monkey seems to be in a fun mood and is giving a tough time to the tiger cubs. In a minute, he slowly comes behind the cub and flicks him and quickly climbs on the tree. While on the other side, the cub runs behind the monkey to climb the tree but fails. The monkey hanging himself on a tree pulls a tiger’s cub’s ears which makes him angry and quickly runs away.

This video of a monkey and tiger cubs is just too funny to be missed. Do watch it and have a great laugh!

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2018

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