The top 10 Android apps of the month [June 2018]

After going over the best games of the month, it’s time to focus our attention toward the world of apps. Summer has come in strong and we’ve found this month to be especially loaded with quality apps. New browsers, Lite apps, and total revivals make up a good part of the content that we’ve included on this list of the top Android apps for the month of June.

top apps junio


It’s typical to find apps related to soccer during the month of the World Cup. If you haven’t gotten enough with the best apps to get the full World Cup experience, FMdB is here to provide detailed information about players from all over the world. We’re talking about the immense official database from Football Manager, so you’re sure to find every last detail about tons of players. [Download]


One of the surprises of the month has been this unexpected return. No, Fotolog isn’t back in pog form, but with an app that intends to rival Instagram and other social networks focused on sharing photos. We don’t know if it’ll be successful or not, but this revival has served as a way to rediscover what many of us posted years ago. Let the cringe fest commence. [Download]


Fitness RPG

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about 10 apps that use gamification and Fitness RPG would have definitely been on this list if it had existed sooner. It’s a pedometer that’s different from the rest: walking serves as a way to reload your energy or level up the game’s characters. This RPG may not go down in the history of all games, but it surely deserves some recognition in terms of an app that puts gamification to good use. [Download]


Brown University has released this interesting app that’s half way between an experiment and a tool for sleeping better. The app serves as a diary of your sleeping habits and the different activities you do during the day before hitting the hay. Not only does it help you get to know yourself better and try to sleep more, but the results obtained will also be used in a study conducted by the university. [Download]

Google Podcasts

It’s odd, to say the least, that a company like Google has ignored the Podcast format until now. Luckily, there’s an answer for everything and the appearance of Google Podcasts is great news for die-hard fans of the company. Plus, it’s arrived just in time to be compatible with Google Home. [Download]

Google Podcasts


If you’re the type of person who’s curious about the flora that surrounds you, then get ready to fall in love with PlantSnap. With this app and your camera, you can identify all the plants you see every day. Its effective identification tool is surprising, along with how quickly it provides information. You can also use any image you have in your gallery, and the app will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the plant in question. [Download]

Instagram Lite

Instagram is the latest app to jump on the “Lite” bandwagon and we are very happy with the results. Instagram Lite strips off basically all the new features from the traditional app, but the posts and Stories are still there. This lighter app uses less data and works extremely smoothly. Best of all, it only takes up 573 KB, in comparison to the full Instagram app that takes up 32 MB. [Download]

instagram lite

Keepsafe Browser

Keepsafe is still determined to protect user privacy and that’s why they’ve come out with a simple and user-friendly browser. As typical for the company, Keepsafe Browser bases its values on offering the user an experience where security comes first. Not only does it offer various tracker blocking methods, but it also lets you create a PIN so that you’re the only one who can open the app.  [Download]

Keepsafe Browser

Adobe Spark Post

We could easily get lost among the immense number of image editing apps on Android. But we have to admit that the apps from Adobe have ultra high quality standards that are hard to find in other similar apps. Adobe Spark Post is the latest one to hit the market and, although it hasn’t been released officially, it’s sure to become a must-have tool for Community Managers that aren’t as well-versed in photo editing. It’s an app that can help you create designs and compositions easily and with professional looking results. [Download]

Adobe Spark Post


Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Instagram goes and surprises us with a new app that intends to compete directly with YouTube. IGTV wants to become THE vertical video streaming platform. To do this, it intends to feed off of the content creators that already populate Instagram and that don’t usually show up on YouTube. So it’s more than likely that we’re going to see a really interesting battle. By the way, we’re on IGTV, too, and you can follow us here. [Download]


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