Tata Motors Stops Production Of Nano- World’s Cheapest Car

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Tata Motors Stops Production Of Nano- World’s Cheapest Car

Well known auto giant Tata Motors rolled out the country’s most reasonably priced car named the Tata Nano approximately 10 years back.

The chairman emeritus Tata Sons, Ratan Tata was the brain behind the launch of Tata Nano.

As per latest reports, the homegrown car-maker put a stop on the fabrication of the Nano hatchback because of deprived sale facts and slowdown in demand for a low-priced car.

Furthermore, Tata Motors fabricated a single unit during the last month as against 275 units fabricated during June 2017.

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During September 2017, the company announced that it would carry on the fabrication of Nano cars for some more time as the car has an “emotional link” with the Tata family.

The company also said that the Nano has become a vital part of its passenger vehicles section and is its single product in the entry-level hatchback section.

Valued between ₹ 2.25 lakh – ₹ 3.20 lakh, the Nano is the most reasonably priced vehicle not just in the Indian zone, but also in the globe. The Nano is also available in an AMT edition.

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But, refuting the claims, the company stated that the Nano is still an essential part of its collection and a mere decline in fabrication does not entail Tata has stopped the production of Nano.

A Tata Motors representative stated, “Nano has been an iconic car reflecting the innovative spirit of the company and its leaders. Decisions on product lifecycle is a holistic view taken after considering the market developments, regulations and emerging competitive landscape. Any such decisions are announced as and when it’s taken. Production planning of a car is a conscious management of demand, system inventory and planned efficiencies. Therefore, speculating on the fate of a car based on a month’s production figure is something the company would not like to participate in.”

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In August 2017, Tata said that it is functioning on an alternate proposal for the Nano comprising the electric edition. It was then hinted as well that the company will not discontinue the Nano and the investors also wanted its fabrication to go on.

But, Tata has not entirely discarded the Nano. The company will produce the Nano hatchback on an order basis.

Published by Mamatha on 12 Jul 2018

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