Identity V: A Dead by Daylight clone for Android with its own personality

We all know what happens when a videogame is successful: copies, clones, and veiled tributes start coming out of the woodwork. In the case of Dead by Daylight, the slasher movie premise has come back in style with online games where four survivors have to escape from a serial killer. Among the many copies that have appeared on Android, Identity V stands out from the crowd. And now after various weeks of sitting at the top of the main Asian marketplaces, an English version has been launched worldwide.

Identity V Detective

Identity V has two narrative layers. The glue that holds the game together is the story of a detective investigating an abandoned mansion where various crimes were committed related to the family who owns the house. When you begin investigating about those involved, you’ll access the lobby of an online game, where you can choose to participate either as a survivor or the killer. Depending on the results of the game, you’ll get rewards which will help you to advance in the story and unlock new characters and abilities.

Identity V survivor

The object of the game is to escape before the killer gets you. To do this, you have to interact with certain elements in the setting that will end up opening the way out. In the process, the psycho killer will be able to trap you, but you can be freed by your teammates. However, if you’re caught for a second time, you won’t be able to escape. Each character has his or her special abilities, whether it be the ability to heal, hide, or slow down the advance of the enemy. To unlock all of characters, in addition to activating all the abilities of each one, you’ve have to play over and over again.

Identity V killer

Regardless of the fact that it’s based on the gameplay of an existing game, Identity V is a great title with an intoxicating, dark, and unsuspecting ambiance that could pass for the latest monstrosity from Tim Burton. Its production values are above and beyond what we usually see on this platform, and it’s clear that NetEase is behind this project. The international version of the game in English was just released and it’s worth giving it a try.

Identity V (Global) for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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