Firangi Guy Asked Sarcastic Question About Water Hose Next To Toilet, Twitter Loses Its Calm

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Firangi Guy Asked Sarcastic Question About Water Hose Next To Toilet, Twitter Loses Its Calm

Indian culture is quite different from the western countries. Not just culture but even lifestyle is quite different. Food, clothing, basic ways of living, Indians are very different from that of the Firangs. The most common problem that Indians face when we travel abroad is not food for weather but sanitization habits which are way too different from what’s being followed in our country. The frustrating yet desperately important task of wiping our asses after doing our business, instead of washing it clean gives Indians a tough time. You know, like a normal hygiene-loving human should be doing.

Many countries including Europe and some other countries have a facility of a bidet next to the WC for this purpose but in the United States of America, it is just you, your ass and toilet paper. Yes, you heard it right!

You must be wondering why we are having a discussion on this gross thing right. Well, it all started when an American guy tweeted a picture of a water bidet, (jet spray) and asked an extremely inappropriate question. The guy’s tweet made Tweeps think that was he being sarcastic or serious about it.

So, here’s the guy tweet and the pic:

“I love how bathrooms here have this water hose next to the toilet incase you get thirsty while in the restroom.”

Twitter flooded out with some shittiest reactions which will make you feel gross, laugh out loud and some even gave that guy some good befitting replies.

Take a look at the Twitter reactions here:

The first question what arises is who is going to answer him…

One of the Twitter user tweeted, “so.. who’s gonna tell him?”

Other wrote, “oh honey….”

Other tweep is praying for his soul and wrote, “Thoughts and prayers.”

Some made fun of the American guy and wrote, “I love how some bathrooms have paper just in case you want to note down your ideas while in the restroom.”

Other tweeted, “Sometimes we put juice instead of water, you know incase you needed to relax while doing it.”

The Muslim people had a ball of time mocking the tweet that called the ‘shatafa‘ (jet spray, again) a drinking water dispeller!

A guy named Abdalaziz ibn Awil IV wrote, “*laugh in Muslim*”

Another Twitterati wrote, “THEY THINK ITS FOR DRINKING I CAN’T!! bro Muslims are taught to wash their parts after using toilet and that’s why its there.”

“When western folk don’t know that they have a sanitary obligation to wash their asses.”

We hope, the guy understood and won’t even dare to ask such a question on the public platform next time.

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2018

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