Belkin’s new Lightning-enabled power bank comes with Apple certification

Sure, there are plenty of power banks out there that can charge your iPhone. The ability to charge up via Lightning cable, on the other hand, is a pretty rare thing — and from the looks of it, the Boost Charge Power Bank is the first to do so with Apple’s blessing.

Belkin’s new portable charger sports a Lightning port in-between two standard USBs, so it can be charged up with the same cable you use for your iPhone/iPad. As someone who’s had some issues with Apple’s proprietary cables in the past, it’s something of a mixed bag — though as someone who also just came back from a week-long trip with a carry-on bag full of cables, there’s something to be said for only having to pack one.

(I also recently discovered the hard way that Chinese airports will throw out battery packs exceeding a certain size, but that’s a different discussion.)

The battery pack sports a 10,000mAh battery — which is nearly four times the size of what you get on the iPhone X/8 Plus. At $60, however, it ain’t cheap. As a quick pop over to Amazon demonstrates, you can get a lot more battery for a lot less. If Apple MFI certification and cable consolidation mean something to you, however, this is probably your best bet.

It’s up for pre-order now from Belkin’s site.

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