After Facebook, YoBlunt Is Here To Rule The World Of Social Media

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After Facebook, YoBlunt Is Here To Rule The World Of Social Media

Social Media is the ideal stage to show the world how bright and upbeat our lives are, as we share our happy personal lives on Facebook and Instagram. In any case, now and again, this is only a fa├žade. Behind the grins and jokes we share via web-based networking media, we are humans who face all the regular issues. We have our battles – in our professions, family, relationships, with sexuality, in the public arena, and with our own particular selves.

Sometimes we would prefer not to unveil these battles in front of the world as we fear judgment, ridicule and others are happy to see us in problems. In our current reality where the utilization of web and cell phones is guaranteed, consider the possibility that there was an approach to express your genuine feelings without being judged. This was the prospect that prompted YoBlunt.

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33-year-old Ashish Bais observed how some of his own friends and family members who otherwise were dealing with serious personal issues, showcased their best faces forward – lovely, problem free, and successful lives on social media.

He said, “Being positive is good but having real emotions buried within and projecting to be happy to maintain your social footprint, is not.”

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Ashish got the support of his 31-year-old brother Manish and started looking for a way to enable people to express their real emotions and not be judged by the society. They were further joined by Ashish’s wife Rishita Varma.

During a brainstorming session, the team decided on a name that focused on sharing honestly (Blunt) without any pressure of making it just interesting, and feels cool-fun (Yo) about it! The beautiful combination created YoBlunt- Selfie video to express, anonymously.

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It came into existence in mid-2017, as an anti-Facebook proposition. It is a stage confined to selfie portrayal recordings just and this is guaranteed by utilizing innovation. YoBlunt has built up a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation to make a man mysterious inside a selfie video post.

YoBlunt is located in the Delhi-NCR region. Ashish says it was comparatively easy to approach legal professionals and also they can easily approach young students to test the beta version and get user feedback.

The users can blur out their face in self-videos, and can also comment via video or text. It also provides a ‘Support’ option to the users.

One of the testimonials stated, “This app really helps when people wanna just let out their frustrations and not be judged for it, rather get support. Recommend it.”

This app regularly collaborates with influencers who understand the importance of mental wellbeing and sharing real feelings without the fear of judgment. MTV Roadies and Splitsvillan Kavya Khurana, MTV VJ Varun Sood, TV Actors Paras Kalnawat and Urfi Khan, Youtuber Radhika Bangia, Bigg Boss celebrity Arshi Khan are among them.

Ashish said, “Although what YoBlunt is doing is basic simple human emotional communication establishment, the message itself is little too new to society. So the biggest challenge is to get the message across about its benefits, but once a user uses the platform, she becomes addicted.”

So folks, you definitely got to try this one for sure!

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2018

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