Government Stops Transfer Of A Teacher After A Video of Students Pleading The Teacher Not To Leave

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Government Stops Transfer Of A Teacher After A Video of Students Pleading The Teacher Not To Leave

The relationship between a student and a teacher is very pure among most valuable relationships in the world. A teacher is responsible for how a student sees the world, how confident he/she becomes and how he treated the people around him.

A teacher is not only responsible for how educated the student is but also for how he evolves as a human being. Movies like Taare Zameen Par have expressed this relation in the best way.

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Recently, after seeing an immense love of children for their teacher, the government stopped the transfer of the teacher. The children of the Government High School in Velliagaram in the Tiruvallur district of Tamilnadu are happy to see their language teacher Bhagawan return to their school. Authorities have revoked the transfer order after a video showing children crying and pleading their teacher to not leave went viral.

V Sanghavi, a class nine student whose’s father is a roadside vendor, says nothing can bring her more happiness. She says “Bhagawan sir would teach any lesson in a super way. He would chat with us telling about his home stories. He would uthe se projector to show us many things. We love Bhagawan sir very much. It’s because of Bhagawan sir class ten students secured high marks. All teachers teach well but Bhagawan sir takes little more interest.”

Her friend Monisha, a class seven student, whose mother is a daily wage labourer says, “Bhagawan sir teaches in a very interesting way. I want to become a collector. Many of our parents have said they would take us out of the school if Bhagawan sir is shifted from here.”

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Overwhelmed by the love from students, Bhagawan says, “I treated them like a friend, mingled with them. They can approach me anytime even after school hours. This bonding became a success. But I have to obey government order when it comes to transfer.”

The school’s strength dropped to 264 from 281 this year as many parents prefer private nearby English medium schools. This was the main reason why two teachers from the school including Bhagawan were transferred.

“He joined the school in 2014 and since then has been the most popular teacher here. Unlike schools in urban areas, the institution in rural areas are almost an extension of homes. Students developed excellent bonds with the teacher and hence they did…” said the principal.

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The school principal says, “This shows we have good and committed teachers in government schools as well.” The 38-year-old school requires furniture to seat 200 children. Students in lower classes sit on the floor. They want a smart classroom to expose children to easy to understand modern learning materials besides ten computers and a WiFi connection.

We hope that the school gets all the basic needs required for children’s education as soon as possible.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 27 Jun 2018

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