Comedian Sidharth Sagar Has Finally Patched Up With Subuhi Joshi And Fans Are Happy About It

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Comedian Sidharth Sagar Has Finally Patched Up With Subuhi Joshi And Fans Are Happy About It

Comedian Sidharth Sagar announced that he is back with Subuhi Joshi on his birthday recently. In fact, both of them made the announcement on their respective Instagram accounts that they have patched up.

And now, Subuhi posted a musically video on her Instagram where Sidharth and Subuhi are seen spending an intimate moment. She captioned it ” It took so much of efforts to convince him to make a musically with me @sidharthsagar.official good job my boy #TerMeraPyaar #musicallyindia”

In the video, Sidharth is seen humming the romantic number of Kumar Sanu’s Tera Pehla Pehla Pyaar. That’s when Subuhi enters and kisses him on his forehead.

Just a few days back, they had shared pictures together. Subuhi had written, “People who are meant to be together find their way back. They may take a few detours, but they are never lost. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDDY BOY Welcome Home (sic).”

Sidharth also wrote, “I’m so happy to come back to you…thankyou @subuhijoshi_essjay darling.. (sic).”

For those who don’t know about it, the two fell in love when they met on the sets of Comedy Classes. Sidharth played the character of Selfie Mausi and Naseeruddin on the show.

Reportedly, their break-up happened after Sidharth’s mom abused Subuhi telling her to stay away from her son. Speaking to a leading daily back in 2016, Subuhi had said, “I’m upset and have severed all ties with him (Sidharth) as I can’t be friends with a spineless man. I have not been shooting for the show since the incident.”

Sidharth had refrained from commenting on the matter then. But all seems to have worked out for the better now, as the two lovebirds are back together. The fans are very happy to see them enjoying and bonding together and are also congratulating them on various social media platforms like Instagram.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 19 Jun 2018

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