New two-second videos offer GIF-like feature for dating app.

Online dating has gone from a “path of last resort” for desperate singles looking to cast a broader net to becoming the go-to way to meet like-minded and romantically interested people. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year industry with fierce competition–and even a few lawsuits–among the platforms.

Of course, one surefire way to compete in a crowded market is to offer features that the other guys don’t have. While other sites have had limited success with incorporating other forms of media, Tinder is hoping their own venture into video will not only keep them in one of the top dating app spots, but also help users get a better sense of each other in order to promote genuine interest.

Loop the Loops

Before you envision someone stammering through an awkward homemade video about how they like long walks on the beach and only people who aren’t playing games, Tinder’s video feature isn’t like that. Called Loops, these two-second videos act more like a GIF than anything else. It’s not a place to pour out your heart and expound on your future relationship goals, but just a chance to show a potential match that you’re fun, serious, not Photoshopped, or any other function you choose.

Limited trial

While Loops is only being tested in two Tinder markets–and the US and UK are not them–there are a few characteristics to how the platform works that must be worked out before this can go widespread. The first obstacle is increasing the photo storage size for users who opt to include a Loop or two. Tinder is expanding the picture limit so users won’t have to delete a photo in order to take advantage.

Tinder hacks

Other than seeing how users are able to incorporate Loops, Tinder will also need to study the effectiveness of Loops before deciding to make this a universal feature. To date, the company has been very meticulous with its data, and has a firm understanding on what kinds of photos and profiles are more likely to receive a “swipe right.” They’ve even released a few helpful hints on how to get the most out of your profile in order to attract a broad range of interested others.