Rajpal Yadav and his wife found guilty in a loan case by Delhi court

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Rajpal Yadav and his wife found guilty in a loan case by Delhi court

The actor-comedian Rajpal Yadav and his wife Radha Yadav along with a company have been found guilty of a loan case by the Delhi court. The court will announce the punishment on 23th of April 2018.

Rajpal and his wife have taken a loan of 5 Crore from a Delhi based businessman in the year 2010, to make his directorial debut “Ata Pta Lapata”. But the actor was unable to pay back his loan.

In the year 2013, Rajpal was sent to jail for three days as he submitted a false affidavit to the court regarding the same case. Since Rajpal could not pay back the loan, the company faced losses.

He is hungry to work in good movies. “I am more hungry today for good work. I am more energetic today. I have always been busy working on films. I am glad to be working throughout my career so far. I am happy that I have got success in whatever I have done,” said Rajpal Yadav.

“I was a learner then but in 2018 I am a well-known beginner. This is life and the struggles are ongoing. Today, people know me and I am glad that I have done some work that is being remembered by audience,” he added.

Talking about his dues the actor said, “I have always got my due as an actor. I am growing remuneration wise as well in my career. I don’t think an actor shouldn’t look for ask for what is my remuneration, the name and fame is the biggest payment for actor.”

The final announcement for this case will be done on 23rd April and till then Rajpal and his wife are proven guilty.

Published by Mamatha on 14 Apr 2018

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