New Story: An Organization Building 1300 ‘3D Printed’ Homes For The Poor

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New Story: An Organization Building 1300 ‘3D Printed’ Homes For The Poor

Technology is advancing at a great pace since the beginning of the 21st century. From AI to 3D Printing, technology has made the life of humans way easier than it used to be decades ago.

While many fear the advancement in technology like Artificial Intelligence may threaten the human existence as seen in various Hollywood movies, the technology used by the general public is helpful and not destructive as of now. However, the fact that the nations have started creating more nuclear weapons with advancement in technology can’t be avoided.

Every coin has two sides. Let us see an example of the use of technology for a positive lifestyle.

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A charitable organization named New Story has been building houses in El Salvador, replacing old scrap metal and weak structures with proper, sturdy homes using the concept of 3D Printing.

The firm is now building around 150 homes in El Salvador. It may sound easy, but it is a tough task to make sure the technology works perfectly and houses built are strong enough for people to live safely during any natural calamity.

New Story had gathered funds to construct 1,300 homes across the world and had completed just 850 of them.

For 10 months now, the charity organization has been messing around with construction technology company ICON for an idea to design a giant 3D printer that, instead of churning out cosplay armor or replacement car parts, could instead print out entire homes for the poor. Finally, the companies were able to build their complete product, a 350-square-foot home built in Austin, Texas which is the first 3D-printed house in the country that keeps to US housing codes.

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It’s a prototype for homes to be printed by New Story in places like El Salvador, Bolivia, Haiti, and Mexico, where a significant percentage of the population are exceedingly poor. Right now, it takes the charity eight months to build a community of 100 homes, each costing about $6,000 (approximately Rs 3,89,700).

With the 3D printer, New Story Can build a house in anywhere between 12 to 24 hours, and each costs only $4,000 (about Rs 2,59,800).

a giant printer lays out the structure by horizontal slices in the same way you’d squeeze out toothpaste onto your brush, and you don’t waste a single bit of building material either.

“We’ve spent the last year dreaming about how to provide more homes for families at a lower cost and faster than ever. The result? A jaw-dropping 3D printer that will print homes for the world’s poorest enabled by @ICON3DTech!”

New Story’s efforts are surely an inspiration to many.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 14 Mar 2018

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