Carl Pei deletes “learn to love the notch” tweet after outcry from fans

Yesterday, Carl Pei talked up the decision to add a notch to the OnePlus 6. He even tweeted “Learn to love the notch” with a link to his interview with The Verge. Now that tweet is gone, deleted. Pei’s timeline doesn’t mention even a peep about a notch. Here’s a copy of the deleted tweet:

Understandably, there was an outcry from fans – they didn’t like the new design direction. Admittedly, that’s not uncommon, every new design has its detractors. Still, there must have been quite the outpour of disappointment for the OnePlus co-founder to delete the tweet.

So, where does OnePlus go from here? Removing the notch wouldn’t be possible without a redesign and that would cause a delay. The company’s motto is “Never Settle”, so it better hope that the notch-haters are a vocal minority – otherwise, it might need a new slogan.

Oh, and speaking of tweets that have not aged well:

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