This Cute Little Indian Toddler Befriends Dozen Monkeys, Baffles Entire Village

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This Cute Little Indian Toddler Befriends Dozen Monkeys, Baffles Entire Village

A 2-year-old boy named Samarth Bangari from Allapur near Bangalore, India is being hailed as the “modern-day Mowgli” from “The Jungle Book” for his very unusual friendship with a gang of wild langur monkeys. The toddler’s unusual befriending with nearly two dozen gray langurs was first spotted when he was playing with the animals alone in his village.

His village was located about 400 kilometers from Bangalore. As soon as his uncle noticed that the boy was surrounded by 20 monkeys, he feared that they would attack him and hurt him badly, but everything turned out good and the langurs were quite calm in his presence.

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The boy was seen sharing his food with the monkeys who were enjoying it to the core. The interesting thing is that the group of langur monkeys reportedly kept returning to the village every day to visit their friend Bangari and also would wake him up if he is asleep.

The boy’s uncle said, “Since that day, the monkeys haven’t missed a day. They come to the house around the same time. Even if he is sleeping, they first wake him up, and then sit with him for an hour or two.”

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All the villagers got very much interested in this strange friendship between Bangari and the langur monkeys. The villagers were visiting the house of the boy to witness the scene of the boy and the monkeys befriending each other.

To test if the monkeys will befriend a new boy and connect with him, the villagers have kept a child beside Bangari.  Nevertheless, the monkeys showed aggressive behavior towards the new boy.

The villagers then came to a conclusion that the boy is the only person in the village who can communicate with the monkeys.  They concluded that the boy has a special bond with the monkeys and that the monkeys will not harm him.

The boy’s uncle told reporters that, “Everyone thinks that he is special and they are communicating with each other, and can understand what is being said.”

Published by Mamatha on 20 Feb 2018

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