Bonphul: Ex-Politician Is Working For Producing Oxygen Indoors To Fight Air-Pollution in Delhi!

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Bonphul: Ex-Politician Is Working For Producing Oxygen Indoors To Fight Air-Pollution in Delhi!

Delhi is among most polluted city in India. It has already crossed hazardous level several times. According to one report by the World Health Organization, Delhi, India ranks highest in the terms of the most polluted air. Not only Delhi, major metropolitan cities in the world are facing the same problem.

A retired politician, Prodyut has come to the rescue of people of Delhi and has come up with a solution to fight air pollution. Prodyut was the Founder-Head of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT Cell.

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Prodyut began with a list of products that would deliver the desired air quality. But he could not get the one product that would increase the oxygen level indoors. When he got one, it was so expensive that buying it was out of the question. It was then that he met Narendra Bisht, who offered to design such a machine.

The first product that the duo built was an oxygen optimizer – OxyMax, for residential and commercial buildings.

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“What the product does is raise oxygen in the ambient air from existing levels to 21 percent – the ideal level. It does so by harvesting oxygen from outside air and pumping it inside, till such time oxygen inside reaches optimal levels,” says Prodyut in an interview.

He says an oxygen optimizer is different from the other popular air-purifiers. While an air purifier removes dust particles, an oxygen optimizer adds oxygen to the air.

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“To explain it better, one can draw the metaphor of a sieve and a nutritional supplement. What a sieve does is remove impurities from milk, but it cannot increase the nutritional content of the milk. For that, one needs a supplement like Horlicks,” says Prodyut

The product works on pressure swing adsorption which is a technology popularised by NASA. The outdoor unit sucks in outdoor air, splits it into its constituent gases, isolates the oxygen, and pumps the oxygen inside. The indoor unit acts as a dispenser.

“We have created two lines of products: a residential and light-commercial one targeted at B2C segment, and a heavy-commercial one (50 LPM) targeted at the B2B segment,” says Prodyut.

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Currently bootstrapped, Bonphul claims to have 400 prospective customers. Prodyut says one of Mumbai’s top real-estate developers has sought OxyMax installations in 400 apartments in its latest project.

“At present OxyMax takes care of only one aspect, that is, the level of oxygen. But the future plan is to take care of all aspects of indoor air quality. When such a product is ready, it would be called AirMax. OxyMax to AirMax is the transition we are going to make,” said Prodyut in an interview.

We wish them all the best in their venture to purify the polluted air by producing oxygen indoors.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 08 Feb 2018

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