Learn the latest JS Frameworks with this Web-development Training

It’s no secret that some of the best and most lucrative careers on Earth can be found in the world of app and web development. Yet, many aspiring developers fail to understand that in order to be successful in this competitive field, you have to know much more than one or two programming languages.

Front-end developers—those who can work with a variety of programming languages and platforms at once—are in increasingly high demand across a variety of fields, and the Front End Javascript with Vue.js Bundle will get you one step closer to becoming one of these intrepid developers by getting you up to speed on the Web’s most popular and important programming language, along with one of the hottest new platforms, for just $36.

Through four courses and over 290 individual lessons, this bundle begins with an introduction to Vue.js—a powerful, intuitive, and fun JavaScript framework that lets you build dynamic user interfaces, major scaffolding projects, and much more. From there, you’ll receive in-depth instruction in ReactJS and Angular, along with a sweeping and thorough introduction to JavaScript.

Get ahead of the coding competition by learning about the most popular and powerful programming languages and platforms in the business with the Front End Javascript with Vue.js Bundle—on sale for over 85% off its usual price at just $36.

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