Here’s why bikinis are allowed in Goa and Not in Mumbai

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Here’s why bikinis are allowed in Goa and Not in Mumbai

We live in the 21st century, still, India is very conservative. Time and again, we have been fighting about whether we are slowly and gradually killing our Indian culture by inclining ourselves more towards the western culture and lifestyle.

Wearing bikinis in India is still a taboo. How often have you seen someone wearing a bikini on beaches of Mumbai, or Kerala? Probably never. But what about Goa? It is also a part of our country.

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Ever wondered why Bikinis are allowed in Goa and not in Mumbai or any other city?

Well, the Opinion Poll of 1967, a historic referendum in Goa is the reason why bikinis are allowed in the coastal state. During the historic referendum known in Goa as ‘Opinion Poll’ day, on January 16, 1967, 54.20 percent of the population voted for Goa to be a separate territory while 43.50 percent voted for merging the newly liberated region into neighbouring Maharashtra.

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Assembly Deputy Speaker and BJP MLA Michael Lobo explained, “The development which has happened here (in Goa), the fact that international tourists come to this destination… To go to the last limit, bikini is allowed on the beach is because of this Opinion Poll day.”

He further said, “I am going into that because in Maharashtra it is not allowed. Let us be very frank. In Maharashtra it is not allowed, otherwise tourism would have flourished there.”

Published by Kanika Saini on 20 Jan 2018

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