Google rolls out January security update for Pixels and Nexuses

As a new month has just begun, Google is ready to push out the latest Android security update to the Nexus and Pixel devices it still supports. The company has already made the usual factory images and full OTA zip files available for download, and you can grab those if you’re really impatient and don’t mind using command line tools to take care of the installation (and have nothing against a data wipe if you go the factory image route).

Otherwise, it’s best just to wait a few hours, or, in the worst case scenario, a few days, to get the over-the-air update. The rollout should commence later today or tomorrow and will bring you the latest security patches.

Speaking of which, there are two patch levels once again – January 1, 2018 contains 20 bugs fixed, while January 5, 2018 adds 18 more on top of that. Vulnerabilities range from high to critical, with the worst one seemingly being a media framework bug that might let a remote attacker execute arbitrary code through a “crafted file”. There have been no reports of anyone being affected by any of these issues, however. If you own a Nexus or Pixel then 46 more fixes are coming your way, including two functional updates – one of which has to do with the handling of key upgrades in the keystore, the other improving stability and performance after an update.

Factory images | Full OTA ZIPs | Via

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