Taste the Most Popular Food Items at Various Railway Stations Once in a Lifetime

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Taste the Most Popular Food Items at Various Railway Stations Once in a Lifetime

We have different states across India. One will travel from one place to another via railway stations and come across some special food items of that place. If you are foodie then, you must surely taste these food items at least once in your lifetime whenever you visit these railway stations in India. The food that we eat during train journeys will be memorable for most of people. In this post, we have come up with a list of some favorite and popular railway station food items in different places. Have a look!

Aloo Poori at Kharagpur Railway Station

Kharagpur Railway Station is quite popular for selling dum aloo sabzi and fried puris with aloo curry.

Aloo Tikki at Tundla

In a remote town like Tundla, aloo tikkis are highly popular at the railway station. It is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Amritsari lassi at Amritsar station

Lassi is quite popular at Amritsar Railway Station. One glass of sweet lassi definitely gives you unforgettable taste in your life.

Charbagh Station’s Lucknavi biryani

Lucknow’s railway station is another best place that serves excellent biryani for the foodies.

Chicken cutlets at Howrah

At the Howrah railway station, the chicken cutlet is truly popular. There are several cutlet vendors in the city.

Fish curry at Jamshedpur’s Tatanagar Station

At the canteen of this railway station, one can taste the fish curry alongside plain boiled rice.

Ghee onion rava dosa at Chennai Central Station

Ghee Onion Rava Dosa is another popular food item available at Chennai Central Station. You may find different varieties of dosa but Ghee onion rava is something special.

Maddur vada at Maddur

Maddur Vada is the best item that is often served in the railway station of Maddur. It is a popular food item in Mandya District.

Pedas at Mathura station

Pedas are highly available in different flavors and varieties. This food item is the major attraction of Mathura.

Vada Pao at Karjat station

While you are traveling through Maharashtra, you must definitely taste vada paos at the railway station.

Pakoras at Chittorgarh station

Pakoras is another famous food item available at Chittorgarh station, especially at the junction.

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 15 Jun 2019

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