Netizens started adding ‘Contractor’ to their social media handles; the answer is here

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Netizens started adding ‘Contractor’ to their social media handles; the answer is here

Pray_for_Nesamani and Nesamani(#Pray_for_Nesamani and #Nesamani) have become the trending topics all over the social platforms comprising Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram since May 29 evening. Whilst the Tamilians all over the social platforms are playing together with the hashtag and sharing memes, a lot of users are totally uninformed.

However, there are some people who have made use of the hashtag eith sincerity and doing prayers for his good physical condition.

So for all the puzzled characters, here are the responds to all your queries –

Who is Contractor Nesamani?

Painting contractor Nesamani is a character played by Vadivelu in a Tamil movie titled Friends (2001).

In a view, Nesamani’s nephew, donned by Ramesh Khanna, drops a sledge hammer on Nesamani and then comes a set of side-splitting results.

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How it all started?

It all commenced with a special post made on a FB page named Civil Engineering Learning.

Civil Engineering Learning had shared a picture of a mallet and placed a query that what do you call this device in your nation?

One of the FB users, Vigesh Prabakar, remarked: “This is what we call Suthiyal. It will give “tung tung” sound when we blow with it on something. Painting contractor Nesamani’s head was broken in jamin palace with this one by his nephew. Paavam.”

So, why it has become a trend?

After this, another FB user, taking it to be a true episode, reacted: “Hope he is okay now”.

But wait and watch, this does not finish here at all.

Prabakar, continuing the irony and wit, answered, “He is Ok da. Immediate first aid given with water spraying by his team”.

Therefore, the “Will pray for him” statements started coming in.

Later, Vigesh Prabakar generated the hashtag #Pray_for_nesamani that began to trend all over the social platforms. Check out some tweets or messages –

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 01 Jun 2019

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