Mumbai Based Girl Earns a Job in Deloitte India By Designing an Innovative Resume on Instagram

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Mumbai Based Girl Earns a Job in Deloitte India By Designing an Innovative Resume on Instagram

There are several job seekers across the nation who struggle hard for earning a job and lead an independent life. Despite having several job offering platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, it is quite arduous for a youngster to find a job. There is immense competition in the world in each and every field or sector. As a result, it has become quite difficult to gain a dream job soon after finishing the education.

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In the current era, digital resumes have become a trend. Here is a 20-year old girl from Mumbai namely Ankita Chawla who has planned to design her resume in a creative manner. She made use of her Instagram account in order to create her resume. She transformed her account’s gallery into an innovative resume. Ankita utilized her excellent designing skills to earn a job. She then posted the resume as a 24-picture collage on her profile.

When she was asked about the inspiration behind this creative idea then, she said that she wanted to achieve something to grab the attention of the employers through her skills. In order to design this creative resume, Ankita spent about 60 hours. Later, she spent a minimum of 5 hours to execute her plan. Soon, different companies have seen her resume. The Deloitte India Company has offered Ankita her first job through the Instagram account.

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As of now, Ankita is working as a visual content creator at Deloitte India. When Ankita was asked about the probable failure of her idea then she said, ‘I was a little skeptical at first because it wasn’t a traditional format that an employer is used to see. I knew my resume was a misfit among the other resumes that were going out and I knew that brought with itself a chance for failure and criticism but I eventually embraced it.’

On her account @hireankitachawla on Instagram, we can now see the phrase, ‘Now hired!’. It is worth mentioning that it’s a unique way of using a photo-sharing platform.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 28 Jun 2019

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