A Jabalpur Family Didn’t Cut 150-year-old Tree While Building Their House

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A Jabalpur Family Didn’t Cut 150-year-old Tree While Building Their House

People are cutting trees with no regret. Still when there is a dire need to stop the cutting of trees and planting more and more tress, people are destroying the trees. Not only in urban areas but in rural areas also, there is absence of greenery as before. People cut trees everywhere they can but this family of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh did something respectful. The Kesharwani family wanted to expand their family home but one giant fig tree became a hindrance to their plans of building their house.

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But, family instead of cutting the tree came up with a novel idea. They decided to build their house around the 150-year-old tree and didn’t cut it. The thick trunk of the fig tree now grows through the middle of the building.

The house of Kesharwani was originally built in 1994 with the help of an engineer friend. Yogesh Kesharwani said that, “We are nature lovers and my father insisted that we keep the tree.” The house was built by his parents.

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“The tree is some 150 years old. We knew it was easy to cut the tree but difficult to grow one like it,” he added. Cutting of fig tree is considered inauspicious as it believed that the tree is very sacred.

“We believe that 350 million gods and goddesses reside in one peepal tree. The tree is also mentioned in the Geeta, a Hindu religious text,” said Kesharwani. Now, ladies of the family can pray without having to leave the home in the mornings.

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With not cutting of tree, Kesharwanis also wanted to send the message that people can put down roots in the middle of nature without destroying them. Their four-store building is a local landmark due to its unique facade. According to the family, the tree has never caused any practical problems to them.

“We don’t even realize that the tree exists because it doesn’t come in our way. It just stands there silently,” he said. A big salute to the Kesharwani family.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 19 Jun 2019

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