I’m not aware about fitness regime. I have a very fluid approach, says Milind Soman

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I’m not aware about fitness regime. I have a very fluid approach, says Milind Soman

Model-turned-entrepreneur Milind Soman delineated maleness for the complete generation when he came out of a box in singer Alisha Chinai’s super hit number, Made in India. That moment has been engraved as matchless in film history, launching Milind as the personification of all traits that a male model is thought to own – appeal, strength, etc.

The well known personality has donned the crown of the top model for years, and continues to make females faint even at this age. He is 50.

Starting his career as a model, rarely acting in movies and currently as a fitness diplomat – the man has been in the public interest for 30 years at this time.

“I started modelling because someone said that you look amazing, we want to take pictures of you. I hate being photographed, I am shy, I don’t like coming out in public. But because it was a business which I thought was interesting, I did it. Even now, I don’t like to be photographed, but I know how to be photographed well. For me, it’s an exercise of talent that I have,” said Milind.

He is one of the fittest males in showbiz, even at 50.

While talking on the show, Milind stated, “The show tells people what I do, and if I can do it, so can they. My philosophy is to maximise my day, to get the most out of it. If you are struggling to find time, start with two minutes. Do a two-minute workout, which could be just push-ups, or push-ups with a plank. As you get fitter, as your mind-body connection improves, you’ll realise you will be able to find more time, it won’t be that much of a struggle. It’s only a matter of prioritising. Start small, start slow.”

If you ask the star regarding his fitness routine, Milind’s answer will really shock you.

He said he has no routine, no particular timings to work out and his pursuit of strength is obsessed by his enthusiasm to test something new as well as different things.

“I don’t know what a fitness regime means. I have a very fluid approach, which you can see on the show. People think I run all the time, but the truth is I run whenever I can, and that changes every day. I am looking for things to do always.”

He is connected with numerous fitness episodes, comprising the Pinkathon that takes place on an annual basis with the aim to spread awareness about breast cancer.

“I see people around the world taking more interest in fitness because they understand that the lifestyle they are following will take them into an early grave. They realise they need to make an effort to stay fit. That is happening all around the world, and India is also following that slowly. India is the fastest growing running community in the world, which is amazing,” he said.

The mega star has also worked in flicks. He has worked in big hit Bajirao Mastani. He was also seen in the web series Four More Shots Please.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 22 May 2019

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