From cargo pants to fun-looking fanny packs – flaunt these fashion trends in style

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From cargo pants to fun-looking fanny packs – flaunt these fashion trends in style

Fashionably Smart or Smartly Fashionable is the style statements for today’s girl. Whether you are wearing a dress or a bag; only beauty isn’t sufficient. Beauty and glamour have to be in tune with functionality. That’s the style statement of fashion now. Ragini Ahuja, A fashion Designer has the same take while designing a woman attire. Fanny Packs are the in- thing which keeps your hands free to move and do your work according to her. Let’s take some of the trendy yet practical attire into consideration.

Overalls for all

Overalls are not confined to workers anymore, even you can wear on occasions like “Red Carpet”. The condition is how you carry yourself and pair it with. Pair it with a bustier for a sexier look or a peasant blouse. Overalls are basically jumpsuits with lots of pockets where you can keep all your accessories like lipsticks, keys, hankies, etc. no need to carry a bag with you.

The two-in-one jacket

Having two outfits in one, this jacket could be worn on Saris, Jumpsuits or Trousers and for a formal meeting or any casual time. The catch is to keep yourself minimally done to avoid that frumpy look.

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The fanny pack

The old fashioned fanny pack is back with a revised leather belt to accentuate your look and keep all your stuff closed and close to you. Style it with a tonal outfit to give a contrast to a brighter and colorful fanny pack. It could be worn on the waist or shoulder, depending upon your mood, occasion or attire.

Cargo pants

The same Old Cargos are back. With lots of pockets it’s easy to wear and maintain, goes well with all occasions if pair it sensibly. However, it is not for bulky body type as the pocket gives a more obsessed look. Style it with Kurta or a linen shirt and you are good to go.

Tote for all weathers

What to say about Tote, ladies love it. It’s practical as hell and all season hit. It catches your because of its size, though it doesn’t have compartments one can stuff a lot of in it. It goes well with funky outfits.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 11 May 2019

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