A Kolkata Based Stall Owner Sells Kochuri at Low Prices for More than Two Decades

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A Kolkata Based Stall Owner Sells Kochuri at Low Prices for More than Two Decades

Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh from Manicktala in Kolkata has been selling Kochuri in his stall at low prices. He has been running a Kochuri stall for 29 years and the cost of the Kochuri left unchanged. The highlight of his stall is that we can purchase the items from his stall at low prices. As per the menu and the prices, one plate of Kochuri is available at 50 Paisa. For the school children, the cost is quite less at just 25 Paisa. Another item telebhajas is available at just Rs. 1.

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As per the latest report from the leading news channel, Narayan has commenced his business during the Government of Jyoti Basu. Earlier, the price of Kochuri was 50 Paisa and he sold the same item for the school children for just 25 Paisa. The prices of these items continued the same even after passing several years.

The daily routine of this man is to visit the stall early in the morning around 7 AM and starts cooking the breakfast for the starving customers. He will be very busy until 10 AM and we can witness the customers waiting in queues for purchasing their food. Later, he begins his afternoon business at 2 PM. It’s the time where the school kids arrive at his stall. He sells delicious telebhajas [fritters] such as mochur chop, alur chop, beguni, peyaji and dhokar chop for just Rs. 1 a plate.

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When he was asked about the reason behind the low-cost prices on all the items at his stall, he said, ‘If I increase the prices after all this time, many would be disappointed. The shop is in a neighborhood, everyone is eating here for very long. The students crowd in too, it gives me great satisfaction.’

He has turned out to set an example and a great inspiration for others who run hotels, restaurants, and other food stalls at expensive prices. However, in the highly developed world, everything has been changed except for the food stall of this Kolkata-based man.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 18 May 2019

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