These 5 Real-Life Incidents Shows Humanity is Still Alive among People

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These 5 Real-Life Incidents Shows Humanity is Still Alive among People

Some instances in our life indicate that people have become truly selfish and there is not even a single drop of humanity among the public. When we live in such a society, we often question whether we have minimum ethics and kindness in us. In fact, humanity is still alive among the people whenever we come across some incidents in life. We have already got through the month of March and entered April. The days are so quick and we are still leading the same old routine life without any excitement. However, this month is all about hearing some good things that happened in different parts of the world. Here are some incidents that prove humanity is still alive.

  1. Women Constable from UP Provides Food for a Starving Old Woman

Humanity is alive in the form of this woman constable from Uttar Pradesh who provided food for an elderly woman who was starving to death. Even, she helped her to get through some problems near the bank.

  1. Little Boy Sacrifices His Lunch to Feed his Cat

A Pashtun kid earns money and survives himself by collecting the garbage daily. This boy fulfills the hunger of his pet cat by feeding it some milk. Instead of purchasing his lunch with the money, he buys milk and feeds it.

  1. Auto Driver Returns a New Gifted Phone to the Owner

A girl named Neha who visited Delhi left her cell phone in an auto. After knowing it, she called the number and an auto driver picked the call and returned back the phone to her.

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  1. CRPF Sub-Inspector Donates his Wedding Money to Bharat Ke Veer Fund

With an intention to help the families of the CRPF personnel who died in Pulwama attack, this CRPF Sub-Inspector Vikas Khadgawat distributed his wedding card with the message ‘All cash gifted will be donated to CRPF funds’.

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  1. People Offered Food in Train

Abhijeet was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi with a reserved ticket in 2nd AC coach. He missed his train and boarded some other train. When the TC understood the situation he asked him to get down in the next station. He then went into a sleeper non-AC coach by paying Rs. 600 fine. During his 1 and half day journey, his co-passengers offered him a berth and food to eat.

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 05 Apr 2019

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