Know The Interesting Yet Unknown Facts About The Moon

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Know The Interesting Yet Unknown Facts About The Moon

In the outer universe, what human has interest the most is The Moon. Apart from being so romantic, Moon holds so many secrets that generates curiosity to know about it. Though, we have visited on it but not all people know the every detail about it. The Moon does a lot for Earth but we know only a few things about it.

So, Here Are The Interesting Yet Unknown Facts About The Moon:

  1. Moon and Earth are going apart from each other. Moon is moving 3.8 cm away from earth each year.

2. MIT and NASA came together and created a long distance data transfer system. It enables us to use social media as it provides high speed internet.

  1. Water is available on moon in frozen form. Life is not possible on moon as of now.

  1. US to show off his power of military decided to drop atomic bomb on the moon during the cold war. But thankfully, nothing like this had happened.

  1. Till date, humans have left 96 bags which contain urine, vomit, and feces on the surface of moon.

  1. It’s been 41 years since man has landed on moon despite of the fact that he wanted to discover the moon the most in the outer universe.

  1. Earthian sees only one side of the moon which is illuminated by the sun and the reason is that the way how it rotates on its axis.

  1. The moon has been slowing the speed of the Earth for million of years and due to which Earth has a day of 24 hours otherwise it will have a day of only 6 hours.

  1. We all know, Neil Armstrong landed first on the moon. But, do you know that Buzz Aldrin was the first one to pee on moon.

  1. Not humans, but tortoise was the first one to land on the moon. It was sent by Russia.

  1. Moon has thin atmosphere of without no sign of water and wind. So, when we first landed on moon and we put flag on it in 1969, it had to have a horizontal pole.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 10 Apr 2019

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