Greet and meet Katrina Kaif’s lovely and adorable family!!

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Greet and meet Katrina Kaif’s lovely and adorable family!!

Katrina is more than just a versatile actor having done many films with many co-actors and directors. People call Salman Khan godfather when it comes to the entry of Katrina in the Bollywood. Since then, Katrina is playing wonderful and various graceful roles in movies. When it comes to her family, there are so many supporters of her. Have a look at her beautiful family.

The on-screen character, in her own life as well, has experienced a great deal of high points and low points.What’s more, in this manner, she and her kin, were raised without any help by her mom. Other than her mom, the family involves six sisters and a sibling.

Suzanne Turcotte is Katrina Kaif’s mom. Katrina shares an exceptionally decent bond with her mother who is regularly spotted with her at Bollywood occasions. Suzanne is a legal advisor and does social work as well. Katrina’s dad name is Mohammed Kaif.

Stephanie Turcotte is the most seasoned sister. Very little is referred to about her as she drives a private existence with her family. He is also an experience addict and an expert skier.

Christine Turcotte Spencer is the third kid in the family. She imparts an extraordinary attach to Katrina. She is a spouse and a mother and adheres to home life. Natacha Turcotte Roberts is Katrina’s elder sister and fourth offspring of the family, Natacha is a gems fashioner.

Mellisa Turcotte is more youthful to Katrina and is a mathematician. In 2009. Isabelle Kaif is more youthful to Katrina Kaif and is the seventh tyke in the family.

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 02 Apr 2019

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