Check at which spot India is in list of top 50 sexiest accents in the world

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Check at which spot India is in list of top 50 sexiest accents in the world

A country is not just build up with its citizens but there is lot more of it in its whole identity. There are so many countries in the world and each one among it has its own identity in terms of economy, language, beauty and other factors. Well, the language is also an important factor that matters the most. The mother tongue of a country is attached to it’s root and it’s really soothing to ears.

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Well, a survey is conducted by bigseventravel.com and they have listed out top 50 sexiest accents in the world. You will be happy to know that India holds 26th position in the list of sexiest accents in the world.

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Have a look the entire list below:

50th. Croatian

49th. Romanian

48th. Thai.

47th. Pakistani

46th. German

45th. Welsh

44th. New York

43rd. Chinese

42nd. Japanese

41st. Geordie

40th. Latvian

39th. Malaysian

38th. Austrian

37th. Norwegian

36th. Egyptian.

34th. Russian

33rd. Greek

32nd. Scouse

31st. Dutch

29th. Nigerian

28th. Boston

27th. Polish

26th. Indian

25th. Vietnamese

24th. Mexican

23rd. Turkish

22nd. Arabic

21st. Filipino

20th. Zimbabwean

19th. Argentine

18th. Mancunian

17th. Jamaican

16th. Danish

15th. Ukrainian

14th. Hungarian

13th. Canadian

12th. Queen’s English

11th. Czech

10th. Brazilian Portuguese

9th. South USA

8th. Spanish

7th. French

6th. Scottish

5th. Australian

4th. Italian

3rd. Irish

2nd. South African

1st. Kiwi
I am really thrilled to see that as we a diverse culture and tradition we could make our place in the list that is to on 26 spot. This indeed a happy news and proud moment for all our citizens. Not only we have a place in sexiest accents in the world, our Indian accent is sexier than Swiss, Dutch and Russian.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 30 Apr 2019

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