A Nap Desk To Offer You A Quick Nap At Work Place

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A Nap Desk To Offer You A Quick Nap At Work Place

In this fast running world, we probably have no time for good sleep. We get the luxury of a good sleep not very often. We just try to stretch the day as much as we can by staying up late at night and by getting up early. And to stay active on these hours, what people refer, of course coffee or chai! Coffee can work a little in the morning, so what’s the solution for a day long work session? A nap during the afternoon hours! It is seen that we started feeling sluggish and lacking focus at the work after long working hours and then we need is a nap. A short nap during the day provides a mental awareness.

Also, in a study conducted in 2015 suggests that how naps boosted the immune system and reversed the negative issues associated with a lack of sleep. It helps to refresh human body with no negative side effects on body. As doctors and other tool suggest that an eight hours of sleep per night is must.

But, taking a nap during the day time seems not possible specially during the work hours in office. Not all the offices provide the option or are set up to accommodate the nap. Also, who tries to take a nap with their head on the desk gets uncomfortable. There is no luxury to bring a pillow, mattress, and blanket at work place.

So, what’s the solution?

Nancy Leivaditou, of Studio NL who is a Greek designer has an amazing solution for this. She came up with a furniture design which finally solves this problem. The designer also faced a problem with alertness at the time of working and studying in New York. Then, Nancy decided to get a solution for this and she by her expertise, designed a multipurpose desk that could change into a bed once it was activated.

This desk is also has a TV built it for taking a break from work without sleeping. This is a perfect desk for the office. However, you can use it at home. The desk is is 2 m long and 0.8 m wide and is known as the 1.6 SM Of Life Desk. The upper layer of the desk is lacquered wood and it also has a mattress hinged on its one side. The sides that would allow the head and feet to lie on have plywood and it can be reclined.

If you already have started thinking to buy it, then hold on, you can’t buy it yet. You just have to wait a little. Converting the desk into nap station will be easy, just slide the top board backward and push up with a hinged mattress. It takes only a moment to be converted. But, it comes with a warning. You need to make sure that you have set your alarm before taking a nap.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 08 Apr 2019

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