20 Things That All Kids Of 90s Did In Their Summer Vacations 

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20 Things That All Kids Of 90s Did In Their Summer Vacations 

Only a 90’s kid can understand the value of ‘garmiyo ki chuttiyan‘. These three words will definitely bring a big smile on their face. All year long, they wait for the summer vacation of two months to fulfill their plans which they make whole year.

At that time, the meaning summer vacation was different than now. 90’s kids understand what that summer vacations meant to them. It wasn’t just vacations but more than it. Those days of summer gave the wings of freedom to fly. Those time of summer days were not meant to rest but enjoy every moment of days. Kids at that time did not understand the difference between morning, afternoon and evening, they just knew to play any time and every time. It was the time to do fun at Nani’s house and meet cousins. No sun was able to effect those kids.

Now time has changed. But, the memories from that summer vacations for the ’90s kids are still intact.

Here is a list of 20 things that we all did in our summer vacations:

  1. Staying on the bed till afternoon because there is no school tomorrow.

  1. Get the time to do our favourite extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, swimming, karate etc.

  1. Enjoy the evening kulfis, barafkagola, ice-creams and other summer special items.

  1. Move to the nani’s house to spend the holidays.

  1. Shower more love on cousins as they come to us to play with us.

  1. No restrictions on playing video games till late at night.

  1. Spend the whole day in playing chupanchpai and other desi games.

  1. Desperately looking for the electricity, so that cooler can give some relief from the heat.

  1. Finally can go to the water parks and become water baby in the pool.

  1. Take no tension to complete the holiday home works. Leave it for last minute.

  1. Take an opportunity to dip in the pond by making an excuse of going for fishing.

  1. Enjoy watching the re-telecast of cricket matches.

  1. See the end of wait for buying VHS tapes on rent for just Rs 10/day.

  1. Blowing bubbles by chewing endless bubble gums.

  1. Record songs from radio to listen while studying.

  1. Making plans to invite friends for sleepovers at your place or going at friends’s place for the same.

  1. Enjoying the summer special roohafza and rasna.

  1. Going to the year long awaited holiday trips with family.

19. Cycle becomes the best vehicle to travel on which will take you to anywhere.

  1. Fridge becomes the source of cool air.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 10 Apr 2019

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