Who got the perfect pose? Monkey or the journalist?

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Who got the perfect pose? Monkey or the journalist?

What could go viral on social media? Anything between global warming and fart in a windstorm. Laugh out loud. for this post is all about a monkey who gave competition to a leading journalist with no fault of his courtesy, a post made by a twitter handle ruchosharma. The member posted a picture of a monkey striking a pose good enough for a journalist’s heatshot.

This post was a much needed dose of laughter on a weekday. The members on twitter soon took to the post in their own funny takes and find the one that strikes you.

The actual picture posted by the handle

While some people took the joke on themselves and there are who took the move a notch higher just as in the following snap

Well.no post on twitter is complete without one trying to impart a lesson or two you see

well,not everybody wanted to resemble with the monkey in honor

U can take away some fashion tips from him

Well ,speaking up for the poor monkey

Well mister you can never be too sure on social media

If you don’t connect to it,get on a filter and see for yourself

The ever learning humans could get some traits from the monkey too.

Well,there were hundred of retweets and posts of themselves comparing to the monkey.this page is flooded with journalists across.  Guess who had the final laugh? In the name of laughter, glory to all the members for their creativity. It did help in navigating a dull day with a little joy in our shoes.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 22 Mar 2019

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